First European
growth capital fund
dedicated to e-health

As the healthcare business undergoes a period of significant upheaval, Extens believes in technology’s power to bring about significant advances, starting today. By improving healthcare performance, resulting in a better quality of living at all stages of life, and by reducing the inefficiencies in our healthcare systems, healthcare IT will play a key role in transforming clinical pathways

Extens’ e-health focus will help it identify the most innovative solutions and nurture the leading European players of tomorrow. Our market understanding and hands-on approach will accelerate our portfolio companies’ performance and enable them to fulfill their growth potential.

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Our financial interests and involvments

Hospital’s softwares

As part of the roll-out of hospital information systems (HIS)

Specialized software

For healthcare professionals (doctors’ surgeries, medical laboratories, medical imaging centers, nurses, etc.)

Homecare support solution

In particular for use in chronic disease treatment and homecare for the elderly

Digital communities

Web-based IT solutions and patient communities


Customer and Patients Relationship Management, patients cohort, research and studies


Data analysis, interoperability, information technology security for medical data

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Discover our activities, our latest acquisitions, and our commitment and contribution to the world of e-health.

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