Investment strategy

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Investment strategy

The investment strategy is broadly focused on e-health, targeting ICT healthcare applications:

  • software for hospitals as part of the roll-out of hospital information systems (HIS)
  • specialized software for healthcare professionals (doctors’ surgeries, medical laboratories, medical imaging centers, nurses, etc.)
  • homecare support solutions, in particular for use in chronic disease treatment and homecare for the elderly
  • web-based IT solutions and patient communities
  • mobile applications
  • telemedecine in so far as legislation and public financing policy make such solutions viable

Geographical distribution

  • EXTENS aims to invest as reference shareholder principally in France and, when the opportunity arises, in Western Europe, notably in the UK and Germany. The fund will invest tickets of €1- 7m in around ten SMEs with sales of over €1m (profit-making or close to), contingent on proven interoperability with existing solutions, with the aim of enabling investee companies to achieve their growth potential.
  • Selected SMEs must demonstrate value creation potential by way of building out their product offering, expanding geographically, notably in the USA, or by implementing strategic partnerships.